‘Who Cares? Global research – local issues’ Marine Science Forum

Marine science forum poster‘Who Cares? Global research – local issues’ Marine Science Forum

When: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2013

Where: Eden Marine High School Hall, Barclay Street, EDEN  NSW  2551


Dr Scott Ling, Research Associate, Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
Presentation title: Ocean warming, overfishing and overgrazing of kelp beds in eastern Tasmania

Dr Jane Sexton, Section Leader, Risk Analysis Methods, Geoscience Australia.
Presentation title: Tsunami: how wet will you get?

Dr Pia Winberg, Director, Shoalhaven Marine & Freshwater Centre, UOW Shoalhaven Campus
Presentation title: Oysters anyone?

Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sydney Institute of Marine Science, University of New South Wales
Presentation title: Restoring underwater forests

Dr Steve Eggins and Kate Holland (PhD Candidate), Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University
Presentation title: Why put the acid on Twofold Bay’s planktonic foraminifers?

Kylie Owen (PhD Candidate), Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland
Presentation title: Humpbacks lunging on local cuisine

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